Agarwal Packers and Movers is a brand of trust, integrity, a promise, an emotion etc. It a brand of DRS Logistics Pvt. Ltd (formerly known as DRS Transport Pvt.Ltd) registered trade mark of DRS Logistics Pvt. Ltd and not a company.

AGARWAL PACKERS AND MOVERS is a trademark and cannot be used by any other company under the name as a Company or a Group Company or a unit or an associate. Few companies are using this name and misleading people thereby degrading the goodwill of the company.

However DRS Logistics Pvt. Ltd has given the irrevocable license to Agarwal Packers and Movers Ltd for operation as well as to initiate legal proceedings against the third party found infringing the trademark/trade name etc. No one other than APML is authorized to do the operation in the name of APM.

The above setup is true and correct reflection about the company known as DRS Logistics (P) Ltd or DRS Group and any publicity contrary to above is only to misguide the public at large for vested interests which should be kept in mind and remembered by the customers while contemplating to select for obtaining services of such companies which may lend the customer in trouble.